sweet potato
pasta :)

Sometimes it grows too small, other times it is overgrown, too round or too big. But always unique!

sweet potato<br>pasta <span class="is-orange">:)</span>


The sweet potato we lovingly grow in Slovenia is hand-picked and hand-sorted. We pay a lot of attention to it, so with choosing us you know what you are eating.

Some of them are very special and grown completely out of the box, so they don't get the space in the box for sale in the supermarket. But this is not the end of their story! They’re too delicious to throw away, and we’re too creative not to use them for anything else.

We created something special, nutritious and sustainable out of them. They were given the opportunity to slip into the shape of pasta and impress you with full flavor. These are Batasta sweet potato pasta!


Made in Slovenia

Gluten free


Cooking time

Our story

What happens if an Austrian girl, studying neurobiology, and a Slovenian boy, studying power engineering, meet in Vienna?

They go to Maribor and grow sweet potatoes.

Because sometimes in life the most outlandish paths, are most worthy to walk.

In 2015, nobody had a clue how it works in this climatic region. Not them, not anybody else. There was nobody to ask but a lot to figured out.

Our story

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